Matt Murney Scanning & Debudding
Safe and Accurate Pregnancy Testing for your Cows
Calf Debudding
Calf Debudding

We specialise in debudding for calves over 2 weeks of age, using a portable calf crush and gas burner.
We providing a hassle free service so that you have time to attend to other farm activities.

  • Calf debudding can occur from 2 weeks of age, in your calf pens or in your yards.
  • We bring our own especially designed calf crush and gas burner for the debudding.
  • If required, we supply staff to help with the process so you don't even need to be there.
  • We can do your tagging and vaccinating while we do the debudding. You supply the vaccine and tags and we do the work.
  • All our equipment is cleaned and disinfected between farms.
  • We can visit the farm as many times as needed

Call us to talk about your needs and book in.

Matt Murney Scanning & Debudding

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