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Safe and Accurate Pregnancy Testing for your Cows

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Ultrasound Pregnancy Testing for Cattle

You can put your trust in Matt Murney Scanning for safe and accurate pregnancy testing of your cattle. 

Pregnancy testing is a key factor in farm planning and management. It provides you with information that allows you to make informed decisions about your cows, your feed budgeting and as a result, drives profits.

Ultrasound pregnancy testing is a proven method of identifying your pregnant and dry cows, provides accurate calving dates, identifies twins and the process places the cows under minimal stress.

Matt uses the latest ultrasound technology and equipment from Repco. The scanning can be done during milking in your dairy shed, or in your yards.

He brings his own inverter generator so he can scan at any set of yards on your farm, allowing you to scan different mob in different locations.

If you use a herringbone shed Matt brings his own platform.

Approximately 200 cows can be scanned an hour. So the cows time away from pasture is minimised.

Contact Matt now to discuss your needs and to book your scanning.

Matt provides;

  • Personal service and exceptional quality,
  • State of the art Ultrasound equipment, 
  • Accurate calving dates and foetal aging, 
  • Scanning from 35 days after conception, 
  • Testing for both dairy and beef herds, 
  • Scanning in rotary or herringbone shed or in your yards,
  • Scan before the winter and cut costs by identifying empty cows and late calvers.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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